How To Create a Company in Dubai

Free Zones in the UAE, particularly in Dubai free zones played an important role in the economy of the UAE. free zone in Dubai with a „tax haven” status, and a wonderful solution for business support to a large extent helped to Emirates expansion of its commercial growth. By creating an optimal infrastructure for safe and strong business environment for local residents and foreigners, a free support UAE to become a business and economic center of the Middle East. SSC Dubai offers custom solutions in the field of strategic management and consulting services that can help you establish a business in Dubai free zones.Company set up in Dubai can be a complicated process, especially for beginners with little or no experience of the company set up in the UAE. Doing Business in 2011, the World Bank Survey, the United Arab Emirates is forty second in the list of countries that facilitate business start-ups, away from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which took place on 10 and 21, respectively. Indeed the state bureaucracy and rigid rules make up a company in the UAE hard work.This information is a concern, but you do not have to worry about anything, because, fortunately, SSC Dubai is for you. As a major strategic / business consulting firm of the United Arab Emirates, SSC offers complete set of business solutions to help you with the company, established in the UAE. The definition of best corporate jurisdiction to set the company formation in UAE, to management consulting and offices means you can count on SSC Dubai, to offer you customized solutions for all your company established in Dubai needs and requirements.The SSC is our mission to help you avoid the pitfalls of incorporation in the UAE, while the gain maximum leverage from your investment. Our experience combined with our expertise in strategic consulting and company formation, especially company formation in Dubai, will ensure that you set up a UAE company formation solutions that address your business challenges and demands of the „zero” resistance.Historically, the free zones allowed foreign companies and individuals how to create a company, while retaining 100% antsy. Free zones considered „offshore” countries, as well as companies with no presence in the Middle East is often use them for off-shore companies, less risky and less expensive way to test water in the region.However, the company created in free zones only a license to conduct business in these areas, and they were limited in the work „Company” in Dubai for anything but industrial structure, unless they are involved UAE national or company as a partner. Sect oral structure, of course, has obvious disadvantages for the parent company and all profits and losses for the industry amounted to the interests of the parents.Under the new measures, Free Zone Company can now be allowed to create a limited liability company in the Free zone and, subject to certain controls and conditions, all gains and losses in Dubai may be different from the other parent operations.Increased flexibility this provides will be of great interest to foreign companies interested in the attractive tax conditions UAE. The implementation details with respect to Article 23 are in the process, as well as a memorandum outlining the changes is expected within a month. Well keep you up to date details to emerge.