Malbork – the polish city with prussian history

Probably the most significant and recognizable monument in Malbork is Malbork Castle, ex-seat of the Knights of the Teutonic Order. The town was founded in the 13th century by them. From 13th Century the whole region belonging to East Prussia.Malbork is a town in northern Poland (Pomerania). The city is an extraordinary complex of buildings of Gothic – for fans of architecture of that period Malbork is definitely worth a visit. Malbork Castle is the most recognizable and monumental building in the city. Castle was the seat of Master of the Order. The origins of the city are connected with the construction of the castle and the settlement of the Order of Prussia (Malbork once belonged to Prussia).Malbork Castle was once actually a complex of three buildings, which were later joined into one. In the Middle Ages remained the largest such fortress in Europe and the largest brick castle.In 1457 the castle was recovered by King Casimir IV. During the Second World War the castle was bombed by the Germans and more than 50% had been destroyed. The castles restaurant is still actually in progress. However, you shouldnt miss its beautiful interiors such like the Winter and Summer Chambers, one of the dormitories and the Great Refectory. The exhibition contains a big display of militaria and a golden treasure from the Baltic sea – amber. The Dedal Hotel is located near from the city centre (De Gaulles 5 Street), a few minutes away from the teutonic Castle. Its a perfect place to stay for a night if you want to visit the Castle and its Gothic neighborhood.